imagePrimitivo di Matera DOC Tenuta Parco dei Monaci Monacello is the impertinent spirit of an unbaptized child who torments the sleep of adults and children.

Monacello is a red wine from 100% Primitivo grapes.

Structured and long-lived.

Striking for the intense aromas of ripe fruit. In the mouth it is warm, soft and enveloping.

Denomination: Matera DOC

Harvest: Manual 1st decade of September Vinification: Maceration on the skins 4/5 weeks Aging: 8 months French tonneaux of 500L

Color: Dense ruby ​​red Smell: black plum, black currant and sour cherries Taste: Fruity, balanced and persistent Alcohol: 15% Pairings: Elaborate first courses, grilled and stewed meats, mature cheeses and cured meats