Crapiata materana

Informazioni prodotto

Ingredients: Wheat, dried broad beans, chickpeas, lentils, white beans, red beans

Packaging: 500 g
Deadline: 12 months

Our legumes are cultivated, selected and packaged with great care, in full respect of the natural seasons. Excellent for health, tasty both in winter and summer. Thanks to the combination of cereals and legumes, our soups make it possible to obtain nutritionally complete dishes, rich in flavor and nutritive principles, essential for a more correct natural diet.
La Crapiata is a dish of the Materan peasant tradition. It is prepared for the feast of crapiata, on 1 August, a festival of ancient origins, most probably pagan, celebrated to celebrate the end and the abundance of the harvest.
From the most ancient times, the last day of July the women of the neighborhood cleaned their pulses, soaked them all night and the next day they cooked them in pots placed on tripods, outdoors, in the courtyard, on a very slow fire and only with water and salt, and then serve them to all the inhabitants of the neighborhood, together with the wine. In this way the end of the working year was celebrated, since then the farmers on August 15 returned to the main square of the city in search of a new engagement or a new land to be rented.